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Author Topic: bluetex 3 - Now works with Vesti Tools
Date Posted: 2/27/2010 12:44:PM Subject: bluetex 3 - Now works with Vesti Tools


The screenshots should spell it out. This stylesheet gets rid of the wasted space and ads on the boards and maintains functionality. It's meant to be used with IGN's Classic theme and is now compatible with Vesti Tools. This stylesheet doesn't do anything to fonts or colors other than the blue areas at the top and bottom.

bluetex 3 - Main Stylesheet (updated for Vesti Tools)

Main Changes:
Drop-down menus are gone except for "Boards", now called "Menu", in the top left corner.
The Vesti Wiki search button is in the top right corner where there's a space for it.

Additional bluetex 3 stylesheets:
(These can be used with or without the Main Stylesheet)

Anti Page-Stretch
Proper Image Shapes
Bad Link Warnings
Colored Text Borders and Colored Text Remover (combine for invisitext)
Old bluetex Style IGN Quotes (for Classic theme)
Old bluetex Style Signatures (for Classic theme)
Remove Footer

NOTE: I only release what I actually use. So since I've been using Vesti Tools lately, I've made some fixes for it and am releasing it for you all. I only use the Classic theme, which has a totally different HTML/CSS layout than the other themes. I seriously don't have the time (or desire) to be maintaining three different stylesheets for what amounts to three different websites, two of which I never use. I'm not asking for donations, so I feel completely justified being a lazy ass about this.

This stylesheet shouldn't break the Grey and White themes, it just won't do much more than shrink the area at the very top. There are probably other stylesheets that fix up those themes which you can combine with mine, I dunno. I've labeled the different sections in my code and even put in short descriptions for most things to make it easier for you CSS coders out there to change things around. You can use parts of it in your own scripts and release it, I don't care.

So if you aren't using the Classic theme (the third little theme square up top) and there are some problems, I'm sorry, but I'm probably not going to be doing much about it.
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bluetex 3 Stylesheet:
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